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How IV sedation works in our Longview TX practice

With a clear understanding and much empathy for those who have difficulty with the idea of sitting in the dentist's chair for anything more than a simple check-up, we have chosen to provide our patients with a number of options for sedation. Over the years, sedation dentistry, including the use of IV sedation as well as other forms, has allowed countless people to get the care they need and deserve. In our Longview, TX practice, we have witnessed the immense benefits that sedation provides first-hand.

IV sedation was actually one of the first forms used in dentistry. With the emergence of oral sedation and nitrous oxide, this original sedative is used more sparingly. IV is the term for intravenous, which means that medication is delivered to the bloodstream through a vein. The effects of IV sedation, due to this delivery method, are felt very quickly. This is not a primary reason to choose this form of sedation for your next dental cleaning, though.

Like its counterparts, IV sedation produces a deep sense of relaxation, as well as a degree of pain resistance. This form is ideal for longer procedures, like wisdom tooth extraction, and is administered and monitored by our in-house periodontist, Dr. Rea. Throughout IV sedation, Dr. Rea will keep a close eye on heart rhythm, blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen level, ensuring a safe and effective procedure from start to finish.

Allowing for the consistent control over the amount of medication delivered throughout a procedure, IV sedation is not said to put you to sleep, but does produce what is known as "twilight sleep.” Many patients vaguely remember a tiny pinch as the IV is inserted, and then feeling alert. There seems to be no recollection of what occurs in between.

Due to the lasting effects of IV sedation, it is necessary for patients to have someone to drive them home from this particular appointment, as they feel a bit groggy or "loopy" for a time following treatments. Because sedation takes some time to leave the body, and thus leaves the patients with little memory of the day treatment is administered, it is recommended that the entire day be taken off from work and other projects.

Choosing to take advantage of sedation dentistry can be a life-changing thing. To learn more about IV sedation or our other options, contact us today.
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