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Dr. Karen Frazer Rea, DDs
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Service is provided in a friendly, professional manner. I am always greeted with a smile and pleasant conversation. Feels more like family versus a doctor's appointment. Keep up the AWESOME ATTITUDE!!!
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Reaping the benefits of quality care with sedation dentistry in Longview

Although millions of people harbor fear over visiting their dentist, the avoidance of quality dental care leads to uncomfortable symptoms and, sometimes, the loss of teeth. We want people in the area of Longview to feel like they can trust their dentist to handle their dental needs properly. We also feel that a comfortable patient is a happy patient. This is why Dr. Frazer offers various types of sedation based on patient need.

Today, many people are realizing the benefits of sedation dentistry when visiting our practice in Longview. Regardless of the cause of dental anxiety, such as embarrassment or fear due to a previous experience, sedation calms the nerves and helps you obtain necessary treatment without unpleasant feelings. Since the early days of dentistry, nitrous oxide has remained a suitable sedative for many different scenarios.

Nitrous oxide, the happy gas

Nitrous oxide is known by several names, including “laughing gas” and “happy gas.” These monikers come from the fact that this type of sedative, which is delivered through a comfortable nasal mask, calms the nerves and leads to a great sense of wellbeing. Some report feelings of euphoria, which allow them to undergo dental treatment easily. However, with other options for sedation available, why would one choose to stick with such an early method?

One of the reasons nitrous oxide may be chosen over oral or IV sedation is that this form of sedative is mild enough to wear off quickly. At the beginning of dental treatment, nitrous oxide is breathed in through the nasal mask, calming anxious feelings quickly, but not putting the patient to sleep. The delivery of nitrous continues throughout treatment, and it can be altered to create more or less sedative effect. Fast acting, the effects of nitrous oxide begin wear off as soon as we taper off the strength of this sedative. This means that, following dental treatment under nitrous oxide, our patients can immediately resume normal activity, including driving.

Dr. Karen Frazer Rea has over twenty-five years of experience providing excellent dental care. It remains our top priority to put our patients first, ensuring they are comfortable during their visits. If you have avoided seeing your dentist due to dental anxiety, we have several options for sedation that could work for you.

Benefit from gentle, compassionate dental care. Contact us for your appointment with Rea Dental.
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