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Rating: 5
Dr. Karen Frazer Rea, DDs
Reviewed by Debra M.

Service is provided in a friendly, professional manner. I am always greeted with a smile and pleasant conversation. Feels more like family versus a doctor's appointment. Keep up the AWESOME ATTITUDE!!!
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Excellent practice, been going to Dr. Rea for about 20 years. Doctor and staff cut no corners in the service.

— Guy M.


There are numerous studies out there that show that people with periodontal disease (also known as gum disease) are much more susceptible to heart disease and stroke. However, periodontal disease doesn't just affect your heart--it can make your diabetes and other medical conditions worse as a result of infection and inflammation in the mouth.

Dr. Rea is aware of the links between periodontal disease and an individual's overall health and well-being. He knows that taking care of your teeth is important, and that periodontal disease can wreak havoc on not only your smile, but also on your body. Dr. Rea is a periodontist, and is available to help treat and help patients who are experiencing periodontal problems.

Patients who are experiencing the early signs and symptoms of periodontal disease will often first recognize red, puffy, swollen gums that bleed when they brush and/or floss. Bleeding when you brush your teeth is abnormal, and means that you are either brushing too hard on your gums, or you have a flare up of gum disease. Situations like this should encourage patients to visit their dentist for a diagnosis and to consider treatment in order to address the problem. Unattended periodontitis can lead to excessive damage to the bone, gums, and teeth to the point where teeth may need to be extracted and the results are irreversible. Periodontitis starts off as "gingivitis" in the early stages, and progresses to the point where you start to lose the attachment of the bone to the tooth. As it progresses, it requires more extensive and thorough treatment, so the earlier it is diagnosed, the better.

Dr. Karen Frazer Rea and Dr. F. Dee Rea take pride in providing the best in dental care, and offer periodontics for patients who need additional oral surgeries or treatment. Together, they can help you create a beautiful, healthy smile, and assist you in maintaining the overall health of your teeth and gums through continued treatment and maintenance visits.

Ready to schedule your family for a consultation appointment? Call Rea Dental today to start taking care of your teeth and preserving your smile for years to come!
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