When I made my appointment, I was able to be seen on the same day. The doctors and staff are very good at explained everything to me. Much appreciated.

- Linda S.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth not only rejuvenates your smile, but can also give a patient an emotional boost. Just like buying a new dress or getting your hair done, whitening your teeth at Rea Dental will help boost your confidence and make you feel fresh and new! Your friends may notice that something is different about you, but may be unable to pinpoint what has changed.

Dr. Karen Frazer Rea offers various teeth whitening procedures in order to give you the opportunity to show off a whiter, brighter smile! In-office whitening allows a patient to walk into the dental office and receive a whitening treatment in less than two hours, resulting in beautiful, stunning results the same day. Other patients enjoy at-home whitening kits, which allow them to have more control over their whitening experience. The whitening kit must be used daily for seven to ten days in order to see results, and consistent use is required in order to achieve the whiter smile the patient has been wanting. Some patients also enjoy using a combination of both in-office whitening and at-home whitening for continued maintenance of their new shade.

Before a patient receives teeth whitening treatment, Dr. Karen Frazer Rea will start by taking photographs and matching their current shade on a shade guide. Treatment will be completed, and then additional photos and shade guide matching are done in order to show the patient the ultimate results from their teeth whitening procedure.

Teeth whitening is a safe procedure that works from the inside out. Bleaching works on internal stains, working its way out to the outer enamel of a tooth. Patients who want to address discoloration caused by smoking will want to have a thorough, professional cleaning completed first before they undergo the teeth whitening in order to get the best results.

Dr. Karen Frazer Rea is proud to offer teeth whitening to patients over the age of 16. If you have been considering ways to boost your smile, teeth whitening may be the ticket to a smile you can be proud of! Call Rea Dental today to schedule a consultation appointment and find out if you are a candidate for a whiter, brighter smile!
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