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We love your practice. We are always treated professionally and in a friendly manner.

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Wisdom tooth extraction from your dental surgeon in Longview, TX

A patient may need to consult the dental surgeon in our Longview, TX practice for a number of reasons. One of the most common types of oral surgery, however, is the extraction of teeth. Specifically, Dr. Rea may perform wisdom tooth extraction. When facing this treatment, it is normal for the patient to experience a bit of nervousness, as it seems like a more complex procedure. In fact, there is good reason to remove wisdom teeth, and the procedure itself is performed with the patient's comfort in mind.

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, may erupt in a patient during the teen years, or the early twenties. Some patients will have space in the mouth that allows wisdom teeth to grow in, a process that can take years. Other patients will need to have the teeth removed before they can grow in and affect the positioning of other teeth. Removal is important to prevent issues that commonly occur with wisdom teeth, such as:

  • Impaction, which can occur when the jaw is too small for teeth to break through the gums. When wisdom teeth become impacted, pain and infection may result.
  • Partial eruption, which results in a flap of tissue that can close around the tooth as it sits half in and half out of the gums. The small crevices that develop can harbor harmful forms of bacteria that cause gum tissue to become irritated, inflamed, and possibly infected.
  • Positioning of wisdom teeth is sometimes quite awkward, as these teeth do not always erupt straight as other teeth do. A third molar may come in positioned sideways, or in a way that causes strain on another tooth.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth that lie under gum tissue may become infected, threatening the jawbone as well as other teeth. In some instances, an infected wisdom tooth can lead to the formation of a cyst in surrounding gum tissue, creating an additional problem that will need treatment.
Although it seems straightforward that wisdom teeth should be removed, some do not see the dental surgeon in our Longview, TX practice until teeth have fully grown in. The thought is often that if these third molars grow in without complication, they can remain in place forever. What patients find is that these teeth tend to be weak, developing extensive tooth decay very easily. At some point, wisdom teeth end up requiring removal. This means that undergoing treatment earlier rather than later is the most suitable option.

We ensure that our patients receive the utmost in care, and feel fully comfortable during their time in our office, regardless of the procedure. With ample anesthetic, and sedation when necessary, any surgical treatment can be received without stress or fear.

Contact us for your consultation for stress free dental care.
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