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The alternative to tooth replacement with a dental bridge in Longview

Although dentists would like to help all of their patients avoid the need for restorative care, this is not always possible. In the instance where a tooth or teeth are lost to decay or trauma, it becomes necessary to fill the empty space left in the mouth. Neglecting to do so can lead to further complications to oral health, as the extra room encourages bacterial growth, or causes surrounding teeth to shift positions. In the past, a missing tooth may have been replaced with a bridge, but in our Longview practice, we find the dental implant to be a far better alternative for a number of reasons.

A primary benefit of the dental implant as opposed to replacing a tooth with a dental bridge in Longview is the fact that implants are solitary restorations. This means that no other teeth are affected by treatment. Using a dental bridge, the two teeth that are adjacent to the gap must be fitted with dental crowns, as this is how the bridge is held in place. To place a crown in this situation, healthy tooth structure must be removed, thus weakening the tooth in the long run.

When a lost tooth is replaced using a dental bridge, this restoration may last only 10 years, whereas an implant from your Longview specialist is permanent, lasting a lifetime with proper dental care. An implant is inserted directly into the jawbone, which then grows around the tiny titanium cylinder. This creates a permanent, firm foundation on which normal chewing can occur.

Because dental implants become a natural part of the jawbone, this structure is better shielded against bone loss, as can occur with dental bridges and dentures. In contrast, a dental bridge may apply persistent pressure to the jawbone, causing it to shrink over time.

Restoring function with a dental implant rather than a bridge also enables the patient to maintain the highest degree of oral hygiene, as there is nothing to impede proper brushing and flossing. No matter what type of restorative procedure is performed, high priority is always placed on longevity and the promotion of oral health.

Above all, the replacement of the lost tooth is what matters. Dr. Frazer has extensive experience in both the dental bridge, as well as implants in Longview. To restore function and beauty to your smile, contact us to discover the most suitable treatment for you.
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